Pricing Structure

Professional appraisers charge for their services based upon an hourly rate or a per-item fee, never by a percentage of the appraised value.

Mesh Appraisal Services’ current fee for insurance and estate jewelry appraisals starts at a nominal fee of $80 per item and is based on the complexity of the item. I do offer a per hour rate for jewelry appraisals with 20 or more items. Appraising several items at one time can result in considerable saving over a one-by-one approach. Of course, elaborate items containing many stones will take longer than average and plain gold items will take less.

As a rule-of-thumb, for a jewelry insurance appraisal you can estimate 3/4 hour for the first item and 1/2 hour for each additional item.

For your convenience, your jewelry appraisal will be active in my database for five years. The time required for re-appraising your jewelry, and thus your costs, will be greatly reduced if you have the jewelry re-appraised during that five-year period.